Flowers & Vegetable Plants

For the most dazzling color show, a heavy planting of annual flowers always works. When you choose the newest premium varieties, you can have biggest beautiful blooms with minimal care. Some of the best sellers include geraniums, daisies, marigolds, petunias, impatiens, begonias, pansies, and salvia.  

Orange Garden Center is proud to offer the best selection of vegetable plants and herbs available anywhere. Whether you're looking for hybirds, heirlooms, or organics we have something special and delicious to offer. Basil, parsley, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, onions, peas, kale and spinach are just the beginning! We also offer over 27 varieties of tomatoes, 12 varieties of peppers, 6 varieties of eggplants and 5 varieties of strawberries!